My Skin, Luminous

My Skin, Luminous
Director: Nicolás Pereda, Gabino Rodríguez

Mexico, Canada, 2019, short, avant-garde, 39 min., Spanish with Lithuanian and English subtitles, V

Enigmatic and deceptively playful in tone, this film from Gabino Rodríguez, in collaboration with Nicolás Pereda, boldly transforms mundane, realist observations at a rural Mexican schoolhouse into fantasy and a sly comment on childhood, rituals, and race.

About the director

Nicolás Pereda is a filmmaker whose work explores the everyday through fractured and elliptical narratives using fiction and documentary tools. Together with actor and writer Gabino Rodríguez he presents you this masterpiece.

  • Kaunas
  • October 2 18:00  Kaunas Culture Centre "Tautos namai" (Kęstučio st. 1.)