Maritime Climate

Piejūras klimats
Director: Rolands Kalniņš

Latvia, Drama, 1974, 40 min., latvian with english and lithuanian subtitles

Ēriks, Harijs and Guntis work for a gas company. On the beach Ēriks passes himself off to be the main engineer to pretty girl Daina. It later turns out that the girl is the gas company’s newest engineer. Ēriks and Daina meet up in an amateur theatre production to play the roles of Cleopatra and Anthony. “Maritime Climate” is Rolands Kalniņš’ film most damaged by censorship – work on this project was stopped and most of the material was destroyed. The director’s style of brightness, relativity and undeniable irony was, according to the Soviet functionaries, unsuitable for a story about a gas company brigade. There are only 870 metres of footage remaining, and in 1992 this material was incorporated into a short film proving that “Maritime Climate” could have been one of the most original Latvian films ever.

About the director:

Rolands Kalniņš was born in 1922 in Istra, Latvia. In 1947 he started working in Riga Film Studio as assistant director, 1960–1990 as a director. He is a member of Latvian Filmmakers Association since 1962. He directed his debut film “Ilze” in 1959. His other notable films include fiction features “Stone and Flinders” (Akmens un šķembas, 1966), “Breathe Deeply” (Elpojiet dziļi, 1967), “Four White Shirts” (Četri balti krekli, 1967), “A Queen‘s Warrior” (Karalienes bruņinieks, 1970), “Ceplis” (1972), “Taper” (Tapers, 1989), “Bitter Wine” (Rūgtais vīns, 2007) and documentaries, such as “Conversation with the Queen” (Saruna ar karalieni, 1980). Rolands Kalniņš is one of the most talented Latvian cinematographers who has had the misfortune of experiencing the ideological rigour and machinations of Soviet censorship. Many of his films were severely censored, forbidden and even almost destroyed (“Maritime Climate” (Piejūras klimats, 1974).

Screenplay: Olafs Zellis

Dir. of Photography: Gvido Skulte

Music: Imants Kalniņš

Cast: Dzintars Veits, Pēteris Liepiņš, Ivars Kalniņš, Svetlana Bless, Helga Dancberga, Uldis Dumpis, Edgars Liepiņš, Arnolds Liniņš