I had nowhere to go

Director: Douglas Gordon

USA, 2016, documentary, 100 min., English with Lithuanian subtitles, V

The twentieth century has produced millions of refugees, exiles, and stateless, displaced persons. Some of them eventually settle down and grow new roots; others continue traveling, waiting, dreaming of returning home. This is a first hand account of the life, thoughts and feelings of a displaced person. It's a painful record of one person's experiences in a Nazi Forced Labor camp; five years in displaced persons camps; and the first years as a young Lithuanian immigrant in New York City.


Film was nominated in Locarno Film festival.

About the director

Working across mediums and disciplines, Douglas Gordon investigates moral and ethical questions, mental and physical states, as well as collective memory and selfhood. Using literature, folklore, and iconic Hollywood films in addition to his own footage, drawings, and writings, he distorts time and language in order to disorient and challenge.

EU On & For Production and Distribution is initiated by Auguste Orts (BE) in collaboration with Kaunas International Film Festival (LT), LUX/LUX Scotland (UK), and Nordland Kunst -og Filmfagskole (NO).


  • Kaunas
  • September 29 18:15  Temporary Cinema Hall "Romuva" (Kęstučio st. 62)
  • October 4 18:00  Temporary Cinema Hall "Romuva" (Kęstučio st. 62)