Meeting with the Directors Julija ir Rimantas Gruodžiai

Directors Julija and Rimantas Gruodis will present their film The Brass Band.

Julija Gruodienė is a scriptwriter and director born in 1966 in Liauriškės, Lithuania. She graduated from the Vilnius University Philology department and worked as a translator and editor in Mintis publishing house. Since 1984 she worked in Lithuanian Film Studio as an editor, scriptwriter for newsreels and documentaries (1984-1994). 1994-2002 she worked in Lithuanian TV as an editor and scriptwriter. She writes for film and culture magazines. Since 1994 she is collaborating with her husband, independent film director and producer Rimantas Gruodis. She is a member of Lithuanian Filmmakers' Union and the Lithuanian Film Academy.

Since 1994 she has authored and co-authored around twenty films. All of them have been shown to the audience in Lithuania and abroad, in international film festivals, film forums, libraries and museums. Her films have received numerous awards and critical acclaim. Since 2002, she works as a scriptwriter and independent film director.

Rimantas Gruodis was born in 1946 in a family of actors in Šiauliai. In 1964, straight out of school, he started working as a camera assistant in Lithuanian film studio, later moved on to the position of assistant director in feature films, documentary film editor and director. The entirety of his life is closely knit with film: in childhood he used to record sound for films and did acting in TV and radio shows. In 1977 he graduated from Journalism in Vilnius university. He wrote articles and was a lecturer in TV journalism. Has taken part in producers' courses in Denmark. His films have received numerous awards, were shown in a variety of international film forums and festivals, as well as in Lithuanian and international TV. They are to be found in the libraries and museums in Denmark, Germany, France and the USA. R. Gruodis is a member of Lithuanian Filmmakers' Union and the Lithuanian Film Academy.