A Screening of Works Developed With the On & For Production Platform (2014 – 2016): Herman Asselberghs’ “For Now” and “Crippled Symmetries” by Beatrice Gibson

Kaunas International Film Festival is opening the second stage of the international collaborative project “On and For Production and Distribution” that is initiated by the artist-run production and distribution organisation Auguste Orts (BE), in collaboration with the artist-run higher educational institute Nordland Kunst -og Filmfagskole (NO), and the AMI-oriented film festival Kaunas International Film Festival (LT). This project is conceived to advance and strengthen the Artist’s moving image (AMI) field, vitalizing the networks of artists and professionals that work together in order to facilitate the production, distribution, commissioning, curating, and programming of AMI by bringing together the various consolidated or emerging professionals that nourish this field (artists, producers, distributors, curators, organizations, institutions) from all over Europe.

On & For Production and Distribution (On & For) stems from a previous European project called On & For Production (2014-2016) and will build upon its results. During the project's first duration, On & For created 4 public workshops, 1 symposium, and 5 round-table events that invited more than 150 professionals from 15 countries. By 2016, On & For had supported 21 international AMI projects.  

Listening to the feedback and demand for such a project to continue evolving, a new project with deeper insight into matters of production and distribution called On & For Production and Distribution (2018-2021) was launched. 


On & For produces public situations for the discourse on AMI production and distribution to grow, inter-sectorial knowledge exchange to thrive, and sector development to flourish. The target audience of artists, filmmakers, producers, distributors, gallerists, museum workers, curators, film festival programmers, independent programmers, film funds, policy makers, art commissioners, art/film industry students, and AMI lovers in general are reached by providing public workshops, case-study seminars, symposiums, and screenings. 

On & For focuses on accompanying AMI projects in-the-making, their authors and producers too, and invites keen professionals from the visual art and film sectors to partake in their evolution, supporting projects in development with hands-on peer to peer Work Sessions. This component is invitation based and set up for the development of the projects in progress and to build up cross-sectoral (namely art, film, and culture) AMI networks.

On & For is initiated by the artist-run production and distribution organisation Auguste Orts (BE), in collaboration with the AMI-oriented film festival Kaunas International Film Festival (LT) and the artist-run higher educational institute Nordland Kunst -og Filmfagskole(NO).

On & For Production and Distribution is made possible with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

For Now

Director: Herman Asselberghs
Belgium, 2017, video, 32 min., Dutch with English and Lithuanian subtitles, V

In times of great turmoil, time comes to a standstill. The central two movements in For Now are panoramic shots and firm, vertical edits. They show shifts of place without the journey. Nature, the wind, movement occurring on its own: this seems to be the film’s real subject matter. The film unfolds in waves. Locations appear, disappear, and come round again – Lewinsky Park, Maximilian Park, Habima Square, Lion Square, Zuccotti Park, Times Square or pastoral landscapes at opposite ends of the Mediterranean Sea. The actions are the same: people wait, pass by, kill time. The contrasts between refugees and citizens, tourists and activists, Israelis and Palestinians, Europeans and Americans: all become less clear. The repetition of these blurred relationships, Asselberghs’ decision to film after the fact, the enigmatic inclusion of hand signals – all these work together to reveal a distinct constellation in which things come together momentarily before taking their leave. It is a film running alongside events, alongside time. A contemporary film in the pure sense of the word – a way of being with time.

The film was developed with the On & For Production platform (2014 – 2016), which is an initiative aimed at analysing the specificity and potential of artists' films, to analyse models for the creation and distribution of moving images, to support the artists and to strengthen their international collaboration.

Herman Asselbergh

Herman Asselberghs (born 1962 in Mechelen) is a Belgian artist whose work focuses on the questioning of border areas between sound and image, world and media, poetry and politics. His installations and videos have been shown at Tate Modern; Centre Pompidou, Paris; documenta X, Kassel; Deitch Projects, New York; CGAC, Santiago de Compostela; hartware, Dortmund; Witte de With, Rotterdam; Netwerk, Aalst; M HKA, Antwerp; Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven; International Film Festival Rotterdam; Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin; FID Marseille; EMAF Osnabrück; Medien- und Architectur Biennale Graz; Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid. In 2007 he won the Transmediale Award in Berlin. Herman Asselberghs, who has published extensively on film and visual culture, teaches at the film department of Hogeschool Sint-Lukas Brussel. He lives and works in Brussels.

Crippled Symmetries

Director: Beatrice Gibson
United Kingdom, 2015, 26 min., English with Lithuanian subtitles, V

Prologue of the film promisingly opens with a conversation: “George, this piece was made by a man called George Mačiūnas. He came from Lithuania and he went to America. He tried to make money from art, but he failed... Do you like money?”

A ruthless 11 year capitalist and his side-kick, an ailing composer, form the two unlikely protagonists of this experimental mediation on money, music and abstraction in post crisis Britain. Loosely based on William Gaddis’ epic modernist satire, JR (1975).

The film was developed with the On & For Production platform (2014-2016), which is an initiative aimed at analysing the specificity and potential of artists' films, to analyse models for the creation and distribution of moving images, to support the artists and to strengthen their international collaboration.

Beatrice Gibson

Beatrice Gibson (b.1978) is an artist and filmmaker based in London. Her films are often improvized in nature, exploring the pull between chaos and control in the process of their own making. Gibson's films are often participatory, incorporating co-creative and collaborative processes and ideas. Gibson is twice winner of The Tiger Award for best short film at the Rotterdam International Film Festival and winner of the 2015 Baloise Art Prize, Art Basel.

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