Nedret Gets Lost for a Day

Nedret Bugün Kaybolur
Director: Berrak Çolak

Turkey, 2017, experimental, 12 mins., Turkish with Lithuanian and English subtitles, N-13

Nedret, an attractive older woman, wakes up next to her husband’s dead body with no idea who committed the murder. She begins a journey of no return when she is locked out of their apartment. Wearing a bloodied, pink satin nightgown and with the name of another woman on her lips, she avoids questions about what happened. As she gets closer to the woman she’s searching for, passing through the boundaries of home and the city, will she be able to find an answer?

About the director

Berrak Çolak, born in Izmir in 1986, lives in İstanbul, Turkey. She took her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in a Film and Television Program at Istanbul Bilgi University. Her graduation project onceuponatime(..)cameandnobodywashome (2010) was named Best Short Film by the Turkish Film Critics Association (SIYAD) and was screened at !f Istanbul Film Festival. She is currently developing her first feature film project.

Section: Experiences

Screenplay: Berrak Çolak

Dir. of Photography: Gözde Koyuncu

Music: Deni̇z Güngören, Keri̇m Safa

Producer: Engin Palabıyık, Berrak Çolak