Voices of Kidnapping

Voices of Kidnapping
Director: Ryan McKenna

Canada, Colombia, 2017, documentary, 16 minutes, spanish with lithuanian and english subtitles, N-7

Ryan McKenna‘s Voices of Kidnaping is an experimental meditation on loss marked by extraordinary landscapes. For twenty years, the radio programme Voces del Secuestro has allowed family members to send radio messages that they hope will reach their loved ones kidnapped in the Amazon jungle. This is an experimental documentary that pairs these radio messages with abstract portraits of the Colombian landscape.

About the director:

Ryan McKenna studied history at the University of Winnipeg. After graduating in 2005 he became a member of the Winnipeg Film Group. In 2008, McKenna moved to Montreal, where he completed his award winning shorts Bon Voyage (2009) and Chinatown (2009). In 2011, McKenna traveled back to Winnipeg to shoot his micro budget feature debut The First Winter (2012), which was screened at the Moscow International Film Festival, the Raindance film festival in London and elsewhere. In 2014, McKenna began experimenting with incorporating archival materials into his work, which resulted in the shorts Four-Mile Creek (2014) and Controversies (2014), which were showcased at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and at the HotDocs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival in Toronto. In 2015, McKenna directed his French language feature debut Le coeur de madame Sabali, which was the winner of the Grand Prix at Montreal’s FNC.

Section: Canadian short film programme "Architecture of Longing"

Dir. of Photography: Ryan McKenna