There Lived the Colliers

There Lived the Colliers
Director: Nelson MacDonald

Canada, 2017, documentary, 7 minutes, N-7

There Lived the Colliers is a look into the past and histories that are ingrained in the walls of long-standing homes. Between 1850 and 1920 thousands of wooden duplexs were built by coal companies to house the influx of workers to Nova Scotia from Europe and the Caribbean. Today, decades after the last coal mine closed, the houses remain. This short experimental documentary from Nelson Macdonald, shot on 16mm, relies on images of the simple homes to suggest the personality, resilience, hardship and history of the working-class people who have inhabited this place for the last 150 years.

About the director:

Nelson MacDonald is an emerging filmmaker from Nova Scotia, Canada. He is best known for producing the 2016 feature film Werewolf by longtime collaborator Ashley McKenzie. Werewolf premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, screened at Berlinale in the celebrated Forum Section, and won Best Canadian Feature at Festival du nouveau cinéma in Montreal. There Lived the Colliers is Nelson's first film as director and was shot over a three year period on short ends of Kodak 16mm with a Bolex borrowed from the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative. It has screened at Edinburgh International Film Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival, and Festival du nouveau cinéma.

Section: Canadian short film programme "Architecture of Longing"

Screenplay: Nelson MacDonald

Dir. of Photography: Nelson MacDonald