Director: Ives Rosenfeld

Brasil, 2015, drama, 74 minutes, brazilian portuguese with lithuanian and english subtitles, N-13

The full length debut feature of Brasilian director Ives Rosenfeld, Hopefuls focuses its lens on the world of professional football and its alluring promise of fame and riches to Brazilian youth.

Junior is an athlete completely devoted to football, playing in an amateur team in the city of Saquarema. His best friend Bento is the biggest star of the team, a contract with a professional football team already in his pocket. Despite their lengthy friendship, Bento and Junior are polar opposites: Bento spends his time chasing temporary pleasures, whereas Junior is constantly pre-occupied with family troubles and the unexpected pregnancy of his girlfiend... however, fortune continues smiling at Bento. As Junior‘s dreams of football stardom collapse, the friendship between the two young is breaking down. Hopefuls showcases an artfully constructed narrative of jealousy, despair and dreams with a shocking climax. The film charmed audiences and critics alike in the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, gaining the Best Director, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress awards.


2015 m. –  Carte Blance award, Locarno International Film Festival (Switzerland), Best Director (Ives Rosenfeld), Best Actor (Ariclenes Barroso), Best Supporting Actress (Julia Bernat) awards, Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival (Brazil).

About the director:

Brasilian film director Ives Rosenfeld was born in Rio de Janeiro and graduated in film from the Universidade Federal Fluminense. For over ten years he worked as a sound mixer on several movies. His short film debut The Day I did not Kill Bertrand (O dia em que não matei Bertrand, 2008) screened at several festivals. Hopefuls is his debut feature film.

Section: Wide Angle

Screenplay: Ives Rosenfeld, Pedro Freire

Dir. of Photography: Pedro Faerstein

Music: Lucas Vasconcelos

Cast: Ariclenes Barroso, Sérgio Malheiros, Julia Bernat, Karien Teles, Julio Adrião, Gutti Fraga