Dar ne laikas mirti

Jag är inte beredd att dö än
Director: Fredrik Egerstrand, Kalle Gustafsson Jerneholm

Sweden, 2015, documentary, 75 minutes, swedish with english and lithuanian subtitles, V

As a small child Laleh dressed up as princess, waiting for a prince to rescue her. Then her mother would say: "No, Laleh, it is you who is the prince, you liberate yourself." Laleh followed her mother's advice and trough out her career she has taken care of the whole process herself. She does multiple roles: a songwriter, producer and performer. This film is affecting musical portrait of Laleh Pourkarim, Sweden’s biggest female musical artist. She talks candidly about life and death, about her music and career. About coming to Sweden as a refugee child. About her parents' lives and deaths. And about the gift she received from them and the responsibility to manage it. It’s a film about Laleh‘s life and her freedom.

About the directors:

Film director and actor Fredrik Egerstrand was born in 1967 in Alingsås, Sweden. Egerstrand is best known as the producer of The Extraordinary Ordinary Life of José González (2010).

Film director, producer and musician Kalle Gustafsson Jerneholm was born in 1970 in Skåne, Sweden. Gustafsson Jerneholm is best known as a member of The Soundtrack of Our Lives.

Section: Wide Angle

Dir. of Photography: Conny Fridh, Fredrik Egerstrand

Cast: Laleh Pourkarim, Benny Andersson, Jens Stoltenberg