Director: Nadine Gomez

Canada, 2015, documentary, 17 minutes, N-7

Metro, directed by Nadine Gomez, is a short black and white poetic documentary about the unexpected beauty of urban spaces. This film is a fresh look at the underground network of Montreal‘s metro, the magnitude of its spaces and the everyday life that passes through it. Vast ceilings, singular acoustics and a truly unique proportion – Montreal is unimaginable without this network and the people who use it. Metro is an invitation to rediscover an intriguing, multifaceted underground world and its quotidian.

About the director:

After graduating from Journalism at Université du Québec à Montréal, Nadine Gomez completed a Master’s degree in Communication. Passionate about urban planning and cinema, she has developed over the years a deep interest for documentary filmmaking. Her debut film, The Horse Palace (2012), examined the fate of one of Montreal‘s oldest buildings. Metro is her second film.

Section: Canadian short film programme "Architecture of Longing"

Screenplay: Gabriel Dufour-Laperrière, Nadine Gomez

Dir. of Photography: Nicolas Canniccioni, François Messier-Rheault