Incident Reports

Incident Reports
Director: Mike Hoolboom

Canada, 2016, experimental documentary, 76 minutes, english with lithuanian and english subtitles, N-7

Directed by Mike Hoolboom, one of the most prominent names in Canadian experimental filmmaking, Incident Reports is an unconventional love letter to Toronto. The premise of the film is that of a disembodied narrator fulfilling an assignment from a therapist to help him restore his memory following an alleged bicycle accident by making one minute videos of Toronto. As Hoolboom took his camera around Toronto, the film afforded the sense of seeing one’s community through fresh eyes as the narrator speculated about the habits of his neighbours. Hoolboom’s act of filming like a cinematic flâneur stressed the awkwardness of attempting to create relationships in a city as cold and detached as Toronto, while the disembodied voiceover weighs in on gender, animal, and the end of literary culture. Perhaps the best way to describe Incident Reports is that of docu-fiction, blending the boundary between reality and fiction whilst documenting the ever-changing yet insivible everyday life.

About the director:

Mike Hoolboom (b. 1959, Toronto), often hailed as the most important name in Canadian avant-garde since Michael Snow, is a Canadian artist working in film and video. He has made over eighty films and videos, his work has appeared in over four hundred festivals, garnering thirty awards. Hoolboom has enjoyed retrospectives of his work at the Images Festival in Canada, Visions du Reel in Switzerland, Vila do Conde festival in Portugal, Cork International festival in Ireland and elsewhere. He has also worked as the artistic director of the Images Festival and as the experimental film co-ordinator at the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution centre. Throughout his creative biography, several periods can be outlined, of which the 1989 – 1996 is perhaps the most significant and productive as Hoolboom made 27 films during this time period. After being diagnosed with HIV in 1989, his films, such as the poignant Letters from Home (1996), which won the Best Short Film Award at the Toronto International Film Festival, focused on the impermanence of human existence, sexuality and HIV/AIDS.

Section: Wide Angle

Screenplay: Mike Hoolboom

Dir. of Photography: Mike Hoolboom