Farewell Transmission

Farewell Transmission
Director: Mike Rollo

Canada, 2017, documentary, 14 minutes, english with lithuanian subtitles, N-7

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation opened the doors of the CBK Transmitter Station in 1939 to serve the prairie region of Canada. Mike Rollo‘s short film Farewell Transmission is equal parts indexical record of the demolition of CBK in 2015 and subjective response to the residual media documenting the event. The building is framed with tension preceding its destruction: emulsion pulsates as if with decades of radio transmission. Farewell Transmission is an unconventional, unsettled unsettled eulogy for a cultural institution.

About the director:

Mike Rollo’s work explores alternative approaches to documentary cinema — methods which thematize vanishing cultures and transitional spaces through references to memory, history, religion, and autobiography. A founding member of Montreal’s experimental film collective Double Negative, the director has curated the work of prominent international and Canadian experimental filmmakers. Rollo is a Lecturer in the Department of Film at the University of Regina.

Section: Canadian short film programme "Architecture of Longing"

Screenplay: Mike Rollo

Dir. of Photography: Mike Rollo