Director: Helena Wittmann

Germany, 2017, drama, 97 minutes, german with lithuanian and english subtitles, N-7

Drift, the debut full length feature from Helena Wittmann, one of the most interesting new voices in German cinema, is a melancholy journey across the waves. Two women spend,Theresa and Josefina, spend a weekend by the North Sea: long walks by the beach, weather broadcasts, the sky, the horizon and the water. This idyll is temporary. After their time together, one of them leaves to her famil in Argentina, whereas the other one departs across the Atlantic ocean towards the Caribbean. An abyss of space and time separates them: with no land on the horizon, finding stable ground is difficult. Drift, shown at this year‘s Venice International Film Festival, is not only a film, but a sensual experience, both visually and acoustically: Wittmann‘s masterful and awe-inspiring cinematography immerses the viewer in the swells of the Atlantic. Most importantly, it is also a story of a human bond and the shifting nature of human relationships. When the women meet again, one of them might ask: “have you changed?”

About the director:

Cinematographer and film director Helena Wittmann was born in 1982 in Neuss, Germany. Originally studying Spanish and Media Studies in Erlangen and Hamburg, she went on to attend The Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg (HFBK), where she graduated in 2014. Her works, including the short films WILDNIS (2013) and 21,3°C (2014), were shown internationally in exhibitions and film festivals. For her first feature film Drift, she collaborated closely with anthropologist Theresa George and musician Nika Breithaupt.

Section: Ocean for Earthly Survival

Screenplay: Helena Wittmann

Dir. of Photography: Helena Wittmann

Cast: Theresa George, Josefina Gill