Director: Nelson Carlo de los Santos Arias

Dominican Republic, Argentina, Germany, Qatar, 2017, drama, 106 minutes, spanish with lithuanian and english subtitles, N-18

The newest feature of Dominican director Nelson Carlo de los Santos Arias, Cocote is an exploration of the lurking violence, corruption and social inequality in his native country. Alberto, an evangelical gardener, working in an affluent estate in Santo Domingo, returns home for his father‘s funeral. As per local religious custom, his family expects him to avenge his father‘s murder – a move that is contratry to Alberto‘s morals and beliefs. Family members clash and tensions rise. Filmed in 35mm, Cocote astounds with its rich colours and depictions of the island – its insects, birds, wind and sea. De los Santos Arias combines documentary realism and fiction to a poignant effect, signalling a fresh, unique and powerful voice in Latin America cinema.


2017 – Best Film, Locarno International Film Festival Signs of Life section (Switzerland).

About the director:

Nelson Carlo de Los Santos Arias was born in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic in 1985. During his studies at the Edinburgh College of Art he began experimenting with film as a medium and moved on to gaining a MFA at CalArts. De los Santos Arias first documentary was shown in film festivals in the USA, Europe and Latin America. His thesis, a feature-length essay Santa Teresa y Otra Historias (2015) was shown at the Marseille International Film Festival where it won the Prix Georges Beauregard, and was later picked up to be show at Toronto, New York, Venice and Mar del Plata international film festivals. Cocote is the director’s newest feature.

Section: Wide Angle

Screenplay: Nelson Carlo de los Santos Arias

Dir. of Photography: Roman Kasseroller

Cast: Vicente Santos, Judith Rodriguez, Yuberbi de la Rosa, Pedro Sierra, Isabel Spencer