Director: Isiah Medina

Canada, 2015, experimental documentary, 65 minutes, english and french with lithuanian subtitles, N-7

Isiah Medina’s 88:88 is a contemplation about the relationship between cinema and time. Medina’s characters are seen in a variety of situations and locations – a couple in their bedroom, a group of friends in  a basketball court, people hanging out, struggling, sharing their stories, joking and, most importantly, living. They share the fragility of their future, their being is suspended in time. 88:88 are the numbers that flash on a clock once the electricity has been cut off, serving as a reminder about unpaid bills and the inescapability of their consequences. Instead of offering concrete narrative lines, the director showcases glimpses from the everyday experience of the film‘s characters mediated through a variety of filming devices, ranging from cameraphones to 16 mm. To watch this film is to immerse yourself into the quotidian of Winnipeg, Canada and its thoughts, emotions and hopes. 88:88 was selected to Wavelengths, one of the most immaculately curated sections of the Toronto International Film Festival, signalling a powerful and original new voice of cinema. 


2015 m. – Best First Feature, DocLisboa International Film Festival (Portugal).

About the director:

Isiah Medina was born in 1991, Canada. Medina‘s oeuvre showcases a wide range of contexts, including philosophy, which Medina studied at university, poetry, and classical cinema. However, one of the main aspects of the director’s ethos is his commitment to a cinema that is socially engaged, portraying the everyday struggles of his peers in Winnipeg. Medina’s first short films surfaced on the Internet and gained him a cult following online, whereas his feature debut 88:88 asserted his position as one of the most promising avant-garde filmmakers of his generation in Canada. The radical editing and innovative cinematography – including iPhones as well as professional cameras – has prompted comparisons with a young Jean-Luc Godard… if Godard had grown up listening to hip-hop and without money. At the moment Medina is based in Toronto.

Section: Wide Angle

Dir. of Photography: Isiah Medina, Nic Kriellaars, Alexandre Galmard

Music: Alexandre Galmard, Kieran Daly

Cast: Myles Taylor, Erik Berg, Anne Valencia, Avery Medina, Eliza Bronte, Jacklyn Kay