Sheep in the sky

Director: Gvidas Kovėra

Lithuania, 2015, documentary, lithuanian, V
When I visited an old friend living in the rural outskirts of Dzūkija, I found out that he was planning the feat of a century – to walk with sheep a hundred kilometres from Dargužiai to Kabeliai. My friend Andrius Jokubauskas, a businessman-turned-farmer, agreed to be filmed during his journey. All I was left to do is to follow these strange people with a film camera on their long journey. This journey become a movie about people living close to the ground and about clouds, which turned into sheep – a movie about beauty of our countrymen, about the joy of being yourself and a little bit about love...
Section: Retrospektyva

Screenplay: Gvidas Kovėra

Dir. of Photography: Gvidas Kovėra, Andrius Seliuta

Producer: Gvidas Kovėra, Teresa Rožanovska