The Road Back

Director: Aleksandr Ratiy

Ukraine, 2012, documentary, 11 min., ukranian with english and lithuanian subtitles

The story of a man who is born in the past century and millennium. In the city and state which are not on the map anymore. He always comes back in town in which there are only two maternity hospitals, two industrial plants and two cemeteries. What for / why?

About the director: 

Born in 1983 in Alchevsk, Ukraine. In 2000-2005 studied Chemical Engineering in Donetsk National Technical University. In 2009-2013 studied Film Directing in the Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University. Founder of the Short Independent Film Festival “Face Control”, Kiev. In October of 2013 “The Road Back” became the winner of the National Competition of Molodist Kyiv IFF, which is quite remarkable fact because of Maydan Events which started right in November.

Section: Ukrainian Film Focus

Screenplay: Aleksandr Ratiy

Dir. of Photography: Aleksandr Ratiy

Music: Murcof