So Much for Justice

Oda az igazság
Director: Miklós Jancsó

Hungary, Austria, Poland, 2010, documentary, 100 min., hungarian with english and lithuanian subtitles, N-13

In the 15th century Hungary was one of the most powerful countries in Europe, with a very established economy and a very powerful army which could hold the Ottoman Empire back from Europe's border for more than 100 years. Matthias Corvinus was born as the second son of Janos Hunyadi who defeated the Turkish army, but Hunyadi died after the battle. Shortly after that his first son was beheaded. The Hungarians wanted to have a new, Hungarian king. A small powerful circle of super-rich people decided to appoint Mátyás Corvinus, a teenage boy to become the king.
Can he fulfill the requirements? Does he have to serve those powerful people or can he build up his own new kingdom? How can somebody rule a country and be a humanist at the same time?

Section: Miklós Jancsó film retrospective

Dir. of Photography: Nyika Jancsó

Cast: Simon Szabó, Daniel Olbryhski, Györgi Cserhalmi, László Gálffi, Gábor Nagypál