Sirs and Misters

Сери та сеньйори
Director: Oleksandr Techynsky

Ukraine, 2013, documentary, 35 min., ukranian with english and lithuanian subtitles

A museum guide, a military man, a bank clerk, an aircraft mechanic and other desperate Ukrainian men from all over the country get together every fall to work as porters during the pilgrimage of Hasidim to the town of Uman. Within four days, tens of thousands of Hasidim flock together to this tiny town – in a celebrating mood, singing, dancing and… bringing enormous amounts of baggage with them. Throughout these four days, the local porters sleep no more then three hours a night in handmade tents along the side of the road, while they spend the rest of the time carrying tons of loads to earn more than twice their usual monthly salaries. On their way, they have to reach mutual understanding with their almost ‘alien’ clients, as well as with each other. However, it seems that no burdens can suppress their optimism and humor. Finally, they are sure: „The Lord God knows what he's doing“.

About the director:

Oleksandr Techynsky was born in 1979 in Dnipropetrovsk. He spent childhood in the Sakha Republic, Yakutia. In 1999 he graduated from Dnipropetrovsk Medical College, then he worked as a medical assistant in a psychiatric emergency team. In 2001 he left medicine and started to work as a freelance photographer. Since 2005 has worked at the Kommersant-Ukraine daily newspaper. In 2010 he left Kommersant and focused on his own documentary projects, including photography and film. Sirs and Misters is his first film.

Section: Ukrainian Film Focus

Dir. of Photography: Olexandr Techynsky, Oleksiy Solodunov

Cast: Honest Fish Documentary Stories