Red Psalm

Még kér a nép
Director: Miklós Jancsó

Hungary, 1971, drama, 87 min., hungarian with english and lithuanian subtitles, N-13

Movie tells a story about hungarian peasants uprising in XIX century, where they confroted with violence, repressions and oppressions reality. The pacifistic peasants, who seek some basic rights, are in a standoff with local authorities and later, the army. 

Film lets take a look into culture, tradition and ordinary life. The movie is full of stylistic choreography, folk songs and symbolic meanings. Director masterly connect form and content, politic and poetry.

It is a hungarian history about belief and peasants fight, which director tells in unique and inventive way.

Section: Miklós Jancsó film retrospective

Dir. of Photography: János Kende

Cast: József Madaras, Tibor Molnár, Tibor Orbán