Life May Be

Life May Be
Director: Mark Cousins, Mania Akbari

United Kingdom, Iran, 2014, documentary, 80 min., english and persian with lithuanian and english subtitles, V

There hasn’t been a film in this form before. It is a bold essay film and a rare UK / Iranian co-production inspired by the letter novels of the 19th Century, told through Mania’s exile from Iran and Mark’s travels in Lithuania. Life May Be sees Mania Akbari and Mark Cousins write cine-letters to each other addressing themes of exile, bodies and loss. The film begins with a single ten-minute shot, but as the exchange progresses so does the filmic language used. Just as the themes are about opening up to life.

About the directors:

Film critic and director Mark Cousins was born in 1965 in Ulster, Ireland. At first, he was a film presenter, but in year 2009 he debuted as a director and scriptwriter – he created films “First film” (2009), “A Story about Film: An Odyssey” (2011), “What Is This Film Called...Love?” (2012), “A Story of Children and Cinema” (2013). Together with actress Tilda Swinton he started off cinema initiative, which later on evolved into travelling independent film festival.

Mania Akbari (1974, Tehran) is a renowned Iranian filmmaker, actress, and avant-garde artist whose work often deals with themes of identity. Her feature film debut 20 Fingers (20 Angosht, 2004)  was named Best Film in the Venice IFF’s Digital Cinema section. 

Section: Main programme

Screenplay: Mark Cousins, Mania Akbari

Dir. of Photography: Mark Cousins, Mania Akbari