Legend in a Small Box

Legenda dėžutėje

documentary, 2014, 33 min., french with lithuanian subtitles, V
Light is the subject and the material. The non-narrative sequences are like tunnels of light to the non-material metaphysical world: the unknown. The narrative sections are as realistic as the painting of Gustave Courbet. Observation of the nature: honest, direct. What is the legend: the fight of the swans 20° below zero? Old people going their own way? 
There was no search here, no experiments, the idea - to film what was coming, to follow the life as a flux of events and emotions. 
“The unconscious mind is structured as a language” says Jacques Lacan and it must speak without the restrictions. The abstract elements as non-experimental, anti-conformist forms of the experience.
If I cannot tell you what is the Legend, the small box is the camera. Finely the movie is about filming, it is a visual comment, series of the open questions. 
About the director:
Gilles Vuillard - born 1970 in Tassin-La-Demi-Lune, is the French painter, video artist, composer and poet, studied at the National Academy of Arts of Lyon. Director currently lives and works in Kaunas.
Section: Main programme

Dir. of Photography: Gilles Vuillard

Music: Gilles Vuillard