Invisible Life

A Vida Invisível
Director: Vitor Gonçalves

Portugal, United Kingdom, 2013, drama, 99 min., portuguese with english and lithuanian subtitles, N-16

There is a long night when Hugo, a civil servant, is sitting on the stairs of the ministry where he works. He can't face going home. The images of the mysterious 8 mm films he found in António’s house after he passed away keep coming back to his mind. Hugo remembers the day when António, his superior at the ministry, told him that he was going to die. Indirectly Antonio seemed to want to tell him something about Hugo himself. Hugo's desire to understand what it was that remained unsaid between the two of them, triggers other memories from the past. Hugo unexpectedly thinks back on the last time he saw the woman he loved, Adriana, and relives once more what he feels has been his unlived life.

About the director:

Vítor Gonçalves was born in 1951 in the Portuguese islands of Azores. After graduating in civil engineering, he became a filmmaker. Vítor Gonçalves was one of the founders of Trópico Filmes, a film production company which had considerable influence in Portuguese cinema during the 80s, and where he made his first film as a director in 1986 -  A Girl In Summer.  The film had its world premiere at the 1987 Rotterdam Film Festival and was selected that same  year for the Berlin Film Festival. Vítor has been teaching at the Cinema School since 1982 where he currently runs the directing course.

Section: Main programme

Screenplay: Vítor Gonçalves, Mónica Santana Baptista, Jorge Braz Santos

Dir. of Photography: Leonardo Simões

Music: Sinan C. Savaskan

Cast: Filipe Duarte, João Perry, Maria João Pinho, Pedro Lamares, Susana Arrais