La Marche À Suivre
Director: Jean-François Caissy

Canada, 2014, documentary, 76 min., french with english and lithuanian subtitles, V

Guidelines explores the world of adolescence through a series of tableaux that illustrate the occasionally trying existence of young people at a rural secondary school. Emphasizing the contrasts between the regulated environment of the classroom and the beckoning freedom of the great outdoors, the film is structured around the teens’ meetings with various authority figures in the institution whose job it is to “set them straight.” During these encounters behind closed doors, the students’ day-to-day concerns emerge through the diversity of the stories they tell. Outside classroom hours, the students regain control of their world, the natural surroundings becoming a playground where they can test the limits of their temporary freedom. The documentary gradually sheds light on the interior drama of adolescence, with its shifts from fragility to reckless abandon. Relying mostly on uninterrupted long takes in order to record situations and emotions as faithfully as possible, the film makes a point of not criticizing either the education system or the youths’ behaviour. A work of patient observation, Guidelines paints a universal portrait of the ups and downs of the teen years.


2014 – IndieLisboa - Winner - World Pulse Award (Best Documentary), Portugal, 2014

About the director:

Jean-François Caissy, born in the village of Carleton-sur-Mer in Quebec, is an independent filmmaker and visual artist. His first feature-length documentary was 2005’s critically acclaimed La saison des amours. As an artist-in-residence for Les Films de L’Autre, he next directed La belle visite (2009), the first of his films to earn him international attention. Trained as a photographer, Caissy is also a visual arts practitioner, and has had several gallery showings of his work. 

Section: Main programme

Screenplay: Jean-François Caissy

Dir. of Photography: Jean-François Caissy