Brothers. The Final Confession

Director: Victoria Trofimenko

Ukraine, 2013, psychological drama, 124 min.
The film is a psychological drama developing on the highlands of the Carpathian Mountains. Two helpless old men, brothers, desperately trying to keep up competition with each other in order to prolong their lives. Even though their bodies are decaying and both are sick the one still wants to outlive the other. But one day a woman enters their remote dwelling...
About the director:
Victoria Trofimenko directed the number of shorts that were shown at International Film Festivals in Greece, Island, Russia, UK, Ukraine. “Brothers. The Final Confession” is her first feature film.
Section: Ukrainian Film Focus

Screenplay: Victoria Trofimenko

Music: Sviatoslav Luniov

Cast: Natalka Polovynka, Roman Lutskiy, Victor Demetrash, Veronika Shostak, Orest Yagish, Mykola Bereza, Oleg Mosijchuk