Director: Gailė Makutėnaitė, Ieva Lukauskaitė

Lithuania, Drama, 2011, 8 min., N-13
Directing as a matter of fact? Are we trying to direct our personal life or just dreaming about it?
A middleaged man wonders around the city of Vilnius at night while experiencing the events that happened or not before. His dreams and friends had gone long time ago but he keeps reliving his memories over and over again... 
2011 - (Un)diricted ((Ne)surežisuota, 2011) was recognized as the best film of Skalvija Film Academy 2010/2011 (Lithuania).
About the directors:
Ieva Lukauskaitė (was born in 1993, Lithuania) and Gailė Makutėnaitė (was born in 1994, Lithuania) both studied at Skalvija Film Academy where they collaborated on a short film “(Un)directed” ((Ne)surežisuota, 2011). Ieva Lukauskaitė just finished her first year of studying film at Savannah College of Art and Design (USA), while Gailė Makutėnaitė just graduated from high school and is planning to continue her education in media arts.
Section: Lithuanian short films programme

Screenplay: Ieva Lukauskaitė, Gailė Makutėnaitė

Dir. of Photography: Gailė Makutėnaitė

Cast: Šarūnas Puidokas, Arnas Fedaravičius, Gabrielė Malinauskaitė