The Passion of Michelangelo

La pasión de Michelangelo
Director: Esteban Larrain

Chile, France, Argentina, Germany, Drama, 2012, 97 min, spanish with english and lithuanian subtitles, V

Chile, 1983. The first street protests pose a dangerous threat to Pinochet’s military government. The regime responds through a secret operation in order to divert public opinion. They pick a 14-yearold street child called Miguel Angel (Sebastian Ayala), who swears he can see and talk to the Virgin Mary herself, and they turn him into a pop prophet. His tormented face is reproduced in all the media, and in just a few weeks hundreds of thousands of people make a pilgrimage to Peñablanca, the village where he lives, to participate in ceremonies where prophecies, stigmata, levitations and miracles of all kinds are part of the usual routine. But this glory will change Miguel‘s life forever...

About the director:

Esteban Larrain (born in December of 1973) makes part of the last new Chilean cinema. His previous films received numerous awards, the most famous one being his first fiction film “Alice in the Land” (Alicia en el País, 2008). All Larrain’s films, both documentaries and fiction, share a certain thematical pattern – deep personal dramas in the context of rotten government. He has a degree in Journalism, film studies in Cuba and Italy and a Master of Political Sciences in the Université Paris VIII, France. In 2009 he was selected to participate in the Residence of Festival of Cannes where he wrote the script of his current film project “The Passion of Michelangelo” (La pasión de Michelangelo).

Section: Identity

Screenplay: Esteban Larrain

Dir. of Photography: Tevo Diaz

Music: Ricardo Santander

Cast: Sebastian Ayala, Patricio Contreras, Luis Alarcon, Roberto Farias, Luis Dubo