The Bomb

Director: Robertas Nevecka

Lithuania, Fiction, 2013, 10 min., n-7
It is a story of two kids, Eric (Bernardas Remiševskis) and Tim (Martynas Lukas Šliažas). They discover a rusty old hand grenade while playing in the woods. Accidentally the grenade detonates. Eric runs away home leaving his friend behind and not knowing what happened to him. Prompted by a sense of guilt and deaf environment he decides to take matters to his own hands and find his friend.
About the director:
Robertas Nevecka (born in 1984) created his first film “Kuleshov” in 2007, the film participated and was awarded at several film festivals. At the moment Robertas is studying film directing at Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy, creates short films, music videos, live concert visuals.
Section: Lithuanian short films programme

Screenplay: Robertas Nevecka

Dir. of Photography: Zbigniev Bartoševič

Music: Justinas Važnevičius

Cast: Lukas Bernardas Remiševskis, Martynas Lukas Šliažas