Sick Birds Die Easy

Sick Birds Die Easy
Director: Nicholas Fackler

USA, Essay, documentary, 2012, 92 min, english with lithuanian subtitles, N-13

A documentary crew of artists and misfits travel to Gabon, Africa, the believed origin of the Garden of Eden and home to one of the most powerful psychotropic plants on Earth. The sophmore film by American writer and director Nik Fackler takes audiences on the ultimate trip through the eyes of drug addicts, musicians and shamans. All of them, searching for the answers through different means and mediums.

About the director:

Writer-director Nicholas Fackler's rise to prominence in the independent film world was one of the more original stories to emerge in 2010. While still in high school, he gained entrance into the Los Angeles Film School, but passed up the chance and instead honed his talents in his home state of Omaha. There, he became an in-demand helmer for music videos while he toiled on a feature script about a pair of lonely senior citizens who come together over Christmas. After a half-decade of development, Fackler landed Oscar winners Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn to play his leads in “Lovely, Still” (2010), which earned groundswell of buzz around its director, who was labeled as the next big thing in indie film.

Section: All the Muses

Screenplay: Nicholas Fackler

Dir. of Photography: Dana Altman

Music: Sam Martin

Cast: Nicholas Fackler, Dana Altman, Ross Brockley, Emily Sutterlin, Sam Martin