Power to the People

Ström åt folket
Director: Hakan Lidbo

Sweden, Documentary, 2013, 58 min, swedish with english and lithuanian subtitles, N-16

Artists, record labels, clubs, politics...and music. “Power to the People”  tells the history of Swedish electronic music, from the early pioneers to contemporary big acts. Electronic music has been misunderstood, neglected and even accused of various problems in society but today it has risen to massive popularity. The music, interviews and archive footage intertwines seamlessly and form a sort of documentary-mashup.

About the director:

Håkan Lidbo was born in 1965, Malmo, Sweden. He is a music producer, mainly active in electronica but also other gendres. Lidbo has published over 250 dics in a variety of record labels, is the editor of the radio program  Ström and Volt festival in Uppsala, Sweden.

Section: Music Moves the World

Screenplay: Hakan Lidbo

Dir. of Photography: Adam Nilsson

Cast: Mats Almegard, Hanna Kihlander, Hakan Lidbo