One Song

Unser Lied
Director: Catalina Molina

Austria, Drama, 2012, 31 min, english subtitles
Father by day and musician by night; as a single parent, Coni barely gets by. A faded photograph is the only reminder of his daughter's mother. But one day, shortly after Coni seems to be over her, she shows up again. 
2012 – Best Short Film in film destival “Diagonale” (Austria).
2013 – Austrian Film Award in Viennale (Austria).
2013 – Thomas Pluch Screenplay Award in film festival “Diagonale" (Austria).
2013 – Jury Award and Grand Prix in Brive Mid-Length Film Meeting (France).
2013 – European Jury Award in Angers European First Film Festival (France).
Section: Short films programme "Maybes"

Screenplay: Catalina Molina

Dir. of Photography: Klemens Hufnagl

Music: Laura Endres

Cast: Conrado Molina, Michael Fuith, Emily Cox, Natalie Assmann