Director: Uriel Sinai, Dana Doron

Israel, USA, Documentary, 2012, 55 min, hebrew with english and lithuanian subtitles, V

Auschwitz prisoners, both Jewish and non Jewish, were tattooed with serial numbers, first on their chests and then their left arms. An estimated 400,000 numbers were tattooed in Auschwitz and its subcamps; only some several thousand survivors are still alive today. “Numbered” is an explosive, highly visual, and emotionally cinematic journey, guided by testimonies and portraits of these survivors. The film documents the dark time and setting during which these tattoos were assigned as well as the meaning they took on in the years following the war. These scars, paradoxically unanimous and anonymous, reveal themselves to be diverse, enlightening, and full of life.


2012 - best debut film award at the Israeli Documentary Forum Awards.
2012 – prize for the best documentary at the Chicago International Film Festival (USA).

About the directors:

Uriel Sinai is acclaimed photojournalist, represented by “Getty Images” company. His awards include first place story prize from World Press Photo, Prix Bayeux Calvados, and Picture of the Year International. In 2012, year Uriel pioneered a visual narrative video interview segment in Israel's leading primetime TV Magazine, Uvda. Uriel's portraits in project “Numbered” (Sfurim, 2012) have already been chosen for Best Pictures in American Photography 27 Annual, and have won first prize in the portrait series for "Local Testimony” 2010, the main exposition of Israeli photojournalism.

Dana Doron is physician with vast experience in geriatric patient interviews and care. She is also a journalist, currently specializing in eHealth Services, where she serves 4 million Israeli clients and develops social media and innovative Internet platforms aimed at simplifying medical contents and care to patients. Dana initiated the documentary film project “Numbered” (Sfurim, 2012) after treating an elderly Auschwitz survivor for chest pain in an Israel. Dana is granddaughter of one of Auschwitz survivors.


Section: Identity

Screenplay: Dana Doron

Dir. of Photography: Uriel Sinai