Not a Fairytale

(Ne) pasaka
Director: Jurgita Miciulevičiūtė - Smeu

Lithuania, Drama, 2013, 15 min., v
An old man, remembering his past, tells us a beautiful fairytale about a small boy, Eliot, who grows in a wonderful garden of his childhood. Adults show him how amazing life is, finding beauty in small things such as a bubble or white blossom from this fairyland. Unfortunately, one day Eliot realizes the actual situation: his magnificent life was fake and nothing other than a fragile illusion created by his beloved people. 
2013 – prize of most artistic film from abroad in Malescorto Film Festival (Italy).
About the director:
Jurgita Miciuleviciute - Smeu was born in 1982, Kaunas, Lithuania. She received her master degree in journalism and communication in 2007. Jurgita wrote and published her first book “The Edge of The World” in 2012. In 2013 her short film Not a Fairytale has been screened in Manhattan Film Festival (New York), Rob Knox Film Festival (London), International Film Festival Lubuskie Film Summer (Poland).
Section: Lithuanian short films programme

Screenplay: Jurgita Miciulevičiūtė-Smeu

Music: Matteo Pagamici

Cast: Viktoras Kaškelis, Marijonas Velykis, Martynas Smeu, Dainius Vengelis, Jurga Gailiūtė