Director: Leonardo Brzezicki

Argentina, Italy, Drama, 2013, 85 min, spanish with english and lithuanian subtitles, N-13
Miguel was obsessed with recording sounds. The silence in an empty church, the sound of a train, his dreams. And now his recordings are everything his young group of friends and ex-girlfriends have left of him. After his suicide, they meet on a farm in Argentina’s dense forests to pack his things. Leonardo Brzezicki’s hypnotic fever dream of a film, whose hauntingly beautiful images throw a surreal glow on the pale bodies, which restlessly stray around in the densely grown nature in search of a form of (at least sexual) redemption, which refuses to materialise. Gloomy and lingering, romantic and fatal. “Night“ is a total sensory experience with a phenomenal soundtrack, which creeps in on you from all sides. A transcendental film of the rare kind that is meant to be seen in the dark space of the cinema.
About the director:
Leonardo Brzezicki was born in 1978, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied Film at the University of Buenos Aires. He also trained as an actor with acclaimed theatre director Ricardo Bartis. He directed several short films: “Stand By“ (2001), “With You Counting Lambs“ (Con vos contar corderitos, 2002), “Tokyo Tonight“ (2005). Night (Noche, 2013) is his first feature film.As an actor he played in several independent productions in Buenos Aires and had the lead role in a couple of films.
Section: Wide Angle

Screenplay: Leonardo Brzezicki

Dir. of Photography: Leonardo Brzezicki

Music: Los Super Elegantes, Chinawoman, Ismael Pinkler

Cast: Flavia Noguera, Jair Jesus Toledo, Pablo Matias Vega, Gaston Re, Maria Soldi, Nadyn Sandrone, Julian Tello