Mother, father, child

Mamma pappa barn
Director: Ninja Thyberg

Sweden, Drama, 2011 m., 7 min., swedish with with english and lithuanian subtitles, N-18

This is a very atypical film from emerging director Ninja Thyberg. It’s dark and mysterious, and portraiting a regular core family. The combination of a twisting story that gives very few clues to the audience, sublime acting, handheld camera style and thoroughly designed audio, this movie will leave the small hairs at the back of your neck standing straight.


2011 – Screenplay Award, “Novemberfestivalen” (Trollhättan, Sweden)

Section: Ninja Thyberg Film Programme "Gaze and Body"

Screenplay: Ninja Thyberg

Dir. of Photography: Fredrik Sellergren

Music: Thomas Pape

Producer: Ninja Thyberg

Cast: Susanna Helldén, Göran Parkrud, Charlie Parkrud