Merlin's Beard

Žalia rūta
Director: Armas Rudaitis

Lithuania, Fiction, 2013, 11 min., N-7
It's middle of the night. Old car moves on a dark road. Bronius (Arūnas Storpirštis) and Elvyra (Joana Danutė Keturakytė), old couple which lived all the time together, is going to solve the problem. But they haven't expected to have the biggest challenge of their entire life. This is the story about relationship and the most important things, which sometimes are closer than we think.
About the director:
Armas Rudaitis was born in 1991, Vilnius, Lithuania. Since 2010 he is studying directing at Lithuanian music and theatre academy. He is an active member of different social youth activities, writing texts which are publicized at different magazines, also graduated “Skalvija” cinema school, course of documentary.
Section: Lithuanian short films programme

Screenplay: Armas Rudaitis, Vykintas Labanauskas

Dir. of Photography: Martynas Norvaišas

Cast: Joana Danutė Keturakytė, Arūnas Storpirštis