Director: Florian Pochlatko

Austria, Drama, 2012, 32 min, english subtitles

“Maybes” is a movie about adolescence – complex emotional world made of desire and aggression: a teen film. Young director and screenwriter Florian Pochlatko explores the agonies of adolescence through sensory experiences involved with becoming an adult, showing binge drinking and masturbation, telling us about exchanged glances and jealousy, martial drill in gym class and the desire to destroy things, and deep-seated anger, a latent death wish and the rush of speed... “Maybes” is a film about the feeling of alienation in one’s own existence, the horrors of disillusionment that manifest themselves between childhood and adulthood. The smell of teen spirit is overpowering.

Section: Short films programme "Maybes"

Screenplay: Florian Pochlatko

Dir. of Photography: Serafin Spitzer

Cast: Patrick Nistelberger, Resi Reiner, Patrick Fadinger, Kaja Zitter, Werner Herzog, Sophie Derntl