Marina's House

Marinos namai
Director: Dali Rust

Russia, Lithuania, Documentary, 2013, 54 min, russian with english and lithuanian subtitles, V

The main characters of the film are Marina Tarkovskaya, a writer, the daughter of the poet Arseny Tarkovsky and the sister of the film director Andrey Tarkovsky, and her husband Aleksandr Gordon, a film director, screenwriter, actor and writer, Andrey Tarkovsky’s friend and brother-in-law. This is the story of a special, creative family, a family bound together by complicated relationships, accompanied by pain, misunderstanding, and sadness. Just like any family. But these people were finding consolation in the throes of creativity.

About the director:

Dali Rust (Dalia Cibauskaitė, b. 1965). Was studing at Economic faculty in Vilniaus university. She was film director in Lithuanian Film Studio , later worket the same position in the studio “Kinema“. She was director‘s Šarūnas Bartas casting assistant. Dali Rusti is  the member of  the journalists union in Russia Federation,  also she the author of few television shows. His first independent film project – documnetary “The Time Keeper” (Laiko saugotojas, 2010) investigated the changing image of the city of Kaliningrad. 2011m. director, presented one more documentary “Nadežda” which examines the theme of human loneliness. At the moment, D.Rusti works with documentary cinema and organises variety of cultural projects.

Section: All the Muses

Screenplay: Dali Rust

Dir. of Photography: Shandor Berkeshy, Aleksei Arsentyev, Viktor Yachmenev, Arsenii Troitskii, Saulius Lukoševičius

Music: Vladimir Golovnitski