Director: Romas Lileikis

Lithuania, Documentary, 2012, 61 min, lithuanian with english subtitles, V

Essence – light like a feather. Routine – heavy, like a heart. A supportive hand – here, facing you.
It is R. Lileikis’ auteur film that focuses on the process of understanding this world, on the tension between a teacher and a student, freedom and order, an individual and community, Earth and Heaven. The film is more about the light than unexpected changes which conforms perfectly with film director’s worldview.

About the directors:

Lithuanian poet, musician, and film director Romas Lileikis was born in 1959. In 1985 he graduated in Lithuanian Philology from Vilnius University. He has directed several films and also published music albums. In 2009 his film The “Shadow of Heaven” has been awarded with Lithuanian TV and Film Award “Silver Crane” as the Best Documentary of the year.


Section: Identity

Screenplay: Romas Lileikis

Dir. of Photography: Viktoras Radzevičius

Music: Kipras Mašanauskas