It Was a Day Just Like Any Other in Spring or Summer

Es war ein tag wie jeder andere im frühling oder sommer
Director: Selma Doborac

Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Documentary essay, 2012, 17 min, german with english subtitles, V

In the film the first-person narrator explores over the course of three brief episodes the experiences of four people, all of them related to one another; the events occurred during a bomb attack in war-time Bosnia in 1992. The story is told partly through descriptions of a remembered past inscribed into the filmic image in the form of a sequential textual trace, partly through a landscape that is featured in the memories as well as seen in the present, mediated by a mise-en-scène that attempts to find a visual structure, by means of continuous tracking shots, corresponding to the narrated past on location per se.


Section: Identity

Screenplay: Selma Doborac

Dir. of Photography: Selma Doborac