Director: Lina Lužytė

Lithuania, Documentary, 2012, 59 min, russian and belarussian with lithuanian subtitles, V

Belarus. Town of Zhlobin. It’s been 21 years since the collapse of the Soviet Union.Most of the locals survive solely by making and selling soft toys. Their only customers are the people passing through on trains. However, approaching a train with a toy in one’s hands is illegal. The film tells the stories of ordinary people living in the town of Zhlobin. They all make toys, sell them, have chats, drink, go back to making toys, sing, fight and… make toys again.

About the director:

Lina Lužytė was born in 1985 in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 2011, she graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre with MA in Film Directing. Lina Lužytė has numerous writing and directing credits in advertising and film. She has recently become a lecturer at different educational projects organized by “Skalvija” Cinema Center. Currently, Lina is developing her first feature film “Do You Love Me”.

Section: Identity

Screenplay: Lina Lužytė

Dir. of Photography: Audrius Zelenius, Vilius Mačiulskis