Fly Mill

Kärbeste veski
Director: Anu-Laura Tuttelberg

Estonia, Drama, 2012, 8 min, english with lithuanian subtitles, v

The miller who lives in an old water mill raises ducklings whom he wishes to one day set free. But on the field next to his home, hunters are shooting birds. At the same time, flies clambering about the mill's window fall dead on the windowsill. One can not tell for sure if these accidents are connected,  but in some peculiar way this odd world works...


2012 – Grand Prix Award at the International Tofuzi Festival of Animated Films (Georgia).
2012 – 1st Prize at the Countryside Animafest Cyprus (Cyprus).
2012 – Best Animated Film and Best Student Animation Awards at the Backup Festival (Germany).
2012 – Baltic Film Grand Prix Award at the Riga International Short Film Festival "2Annas" (Latvia).
2012 – Best Debut Award at the Semafor Film Festival (Poland).
2012 – Best Design Award at the Animated Dreams Festival (Estonia).
2012 – Best Explora Film and RTP Onda Curta Awards at the Curtocircuito International Short Film Festival (A Coruña, Spain).
2012 – Honorary Mention at the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film (Germany).
2012 – Special Mention at the International Cutout Animation Festival (Mexico).
2012 – Special mention at the International Animage Animation Festival (Brazil).
2012 – Second Prize at the H2T Festival (Finland / Estonia).


Section: Short films programme "Take Sides"

Screenplay: Anu-Laura Tuttelberg

Dir. of Photography: Anu-Laura Tuttelberg

Music: Sander Poldsaar