Director: Pijus Mickus

Lithuania, Fiction, 2012, 7 min., v
An independet film director has just finished shooting his first debut picture. As he naively believes in his film's success, the director doesn't realize what's waiting for him on his trip to film processing lab.
About the director:
Cinema first appeared in the life of Pijus Mickus back in 2007 - with an amateur video clip project for radio competition. He studied at the “Skalvija” film academy. After finishing school he entered University for the Creative Arts in England where he is currently studying.
Section: Lithuanian short films programme

Screenplay: Michał Popowicz

Dir. of Photography: Džiugas Šėma

Cast: Augustas Gadeikis, Denis Khoroshko, Nicon Caraman, Leonidas Plavko