East Punk Memories

East Punk Memories
Director: Lucile Chaufour

France, Documentary, 2012, 80 min, english with english and lithuanian subtitles, N-16

In the 80’s director Lucile Chaufour was interested in punk culture and created a documentary about young punks in Hungary, who were rebelling against communist regime. After twenty years she once again meets the famous punks Balįzs Kelemen, Attila Mįrton, Miklós Tóth, Ildiko Asztalos and others. Director tells a riotous story of these people and asks them: what was a life of the rebels against the regime and how did the fall of Berlin Wall changed their lives?


2013 – Young Jury Award at Cinéma du Réel International Documentary Film Festival (Paris, France).

About the director:

Lucile Chaufour directed her first documentary about Hungary‘s punk scene in 1987. In the 90’s she created a television channel within the the Prison de la Santé in Paris. She also ran directing workshops in Moulin de la Vierge Day Hospital. Lucile Chaufour plays in several bands: “Primitiy Combo”, “Duck and Cover” and others, she studied at Paris Conservatory. Her filmography consist of  “Violent Days” (2003), “The Bitter Taste of Chocolate” (L'Amertume du chocolat, 2008) and “East Punk Memories” (2012).

Section: Music Moves the World

Screenplay: Lucile Chaufour

Dir. of Photography: Lucile Chaufour, Bernhard Braunstein

Music: Grégoire Couzinier