All Musicians Are Bastards

All Musicians Are Bastards
Director: Heleri Saarik

Estonia, Drama, 2012, 90 min, estonian with english and lithuanian subtitles, N-16

Director Heleri Saarik’s debut feature “All Musicians Are Bastards” is a visual love letter to music. In her fondest dreams, this film’s main character Leila (Riina Maidre) is a resplendent singer. In reality, however, all her energy and talent is spent on relationships that eat away at her soul, mind-altering substances, and glamorous showing-off. Nero Urke plays Leila’s unpredictable boyfriend and Jarek Kasar acts the music producer suffering from a creative impasse. Heleri Saarik defies the rules. By playing with the possibilities of the art of film, she takes the viewer to an uneasy universe where the boundary between reality and illusion is incredibly thin. This is a world that is familiar to everyone who at some point in their life had to grow up and admit to themselves that dreaming is not enough on its own. And who have regardless of that chosen dreaming.

About the director:

Heleri Saarik received the Best Music Video Director award at the glamorous gala of Estonian Music Awards in 2009. Heleri, who at that time was still a film directing student at the Tallinn University’s Baltic Film and Media School, had already directed several short films and commercials, studied landscape protection in Estonian University  and history, journalism at Tartu University for a while. Lived and worked for a year in London. Her short film “A Tale of a Nixie” was picked into the  Edinburgh Film Festival program in 2011. “All Musicians Are Bastards” is Heleri’s debut feature.

Section: Music Moves the World

Screenplay: Heleri Saarik

Dir. of Photography: Erik Põllumaa

Music: Tõnis Leemets

Cast: Riina Maidre, Nero Urke, Helina Risti, Lotte Jürjendal, Jarek Kasar