A Story of Children and Film

A Story of Children and Film
Director: Mark Cousins

United Kingdom, Documentary, 2013, 101 min, english with lithuanian subtitles, V

A Story of Children and Film is the world's first movie about kids in global cinema. A passionate, poetic portrait of the adventures of childhood - its surrealism, loneliness, fun, destructiveness and vitality - as seen through 53 great films from 25 countries. From the critical and commercial hits such as “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” and “Moonrise Kingdom” to well-known classics “The Red Balloon” and “400 Blows”, it also features dozens of rarely seen masterpieces, whose main heros are children. Fil “A Story of Children and Film” is an eye opener, a landmark film and a celebration of both childhood and the movies.

About the director:

Film critic and director Mark Cousins was born in 1965 in Ulster, Ireland. At first, he was a film presenter, but in year 2009 he debuted as a director and scriptwriter – he created films “First film” (2009), “A Story about Film: An Odyssey” (2011), “What Is This Film Called...Love?” (2012), “A Story of Children and Cinema” (2013). Together with actress Tilda Swinton he started off cinema initiative, which later on evolved into travelling independent film festival.


Section: All the Muses

Screenplay: Mark Cousins

Dir. of Photography: Marc Benoliel, Mark Cousins