World of Glory

Härlig är jorden
Director: Roy Andersson

Sweden, Drama, 1991, 16 min, sweden with english and lithuanian subtitles, T
A group of gentlemen and ladies stand around a lorry in an open place at the outskirts of a city. Naked men, women and children are herded in through the rear door of the lorry. When the door has been locked, one of the gentlemen takes a hose and connects it from the exhaust pipe to the interior of the lorry. Then the lorry drives around in circles in the open place. A middle-aged man in the foreground turns to face us in the audience...
1991 – Best Short Film Award at the Nordisk Panorama Film Festival (Aarhus, Denmark).
1992 – Adriano Asti Special Jury Prize at the Montecatini International Short Film Festival (Italy).
1992 – International Press Award and Canal Plus Award at the Clérmont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival (France).
1992 – Best Short Film and Film Critics‘ awards at the Tampere Film Festival (Finland).
1993 – Best Film Award at the Odense International Film Festival (Denmark).
1993 – Special Jury Prize at the Balticum Film and TV Festival (Bornholm, Denmark).
1994 – Special Jury Prize at the Hamburg International Short Film Festival (Germany).
Section: “World of Glory“: Roy Andersson Film Retrospective

Screenplay: Roy Andersson

Dir. of Photography: István Borbás

Music: Björn Isfält

Cast: Klas-Gösta Olsson, Lennart Björklund, Christer Christensen, Bernard Eiger, Rolf Engström, Gun Fors, Udo Kühnapas, Hans Söderblom, Anne Tubin