Who Lasts Longer

Zeinek gehiago iraun
Director: Gregorio Muro

Spain, Animation, 2011, 12 min, spanish and english with english and lithuanian subtitles, N18

A dangerous children’s game will disrupt the lives of Ander and his family forever.

About the director:

Gregorio Muro was born in 1954 in San Sebastián, Spain. He is a cartoonist, screenwriter and film and TV director. After several years publishing his works mainly in France, he began in the audiovisual industry as a screenwriter and has been contributing for numerous productions. He directed full-length animation film “King of the Farm” (El rey de la granja, 2001) and several short films.

Section: Selection of Basque Short Films

Screenplay: Gregorio Muro

Music: Txus Aranburu