“Turning“ featuring Anthony and the Johnsons

“Turning“ featuring Anthony and the Johnsons
Director: Charles Atlas, Antony Hegarty

USA, Denmark, Documentary, 2011, 78 min., english with lithuanian subtitles, V

“Turning” featuring Anthony and the Johnsons”, based on the acclaimed live multi-media performance by “Antony and the Johnsonsˮ and Charles Atlas, is a music documentary that explores the heart of that show. The performance was based on synthesis of Antony‘s mesmerizingly emotional songs and Atlas‘s hypnotic live video images of 13 remarkable women who also appeared on stage on a rotating platform. The women are, like Antony himself, not easily definable personas. Whether they are androgynous, transgender, covered in makeup or bare skinned, what is important is their hard won humanity. “Turningˮ creates an intimate and cinematic experience exploring themes of identity, transcendence and the revelation of essence. The interviews with the performers give us a glimpse of their powerful journey of struggle and hope.

About the directors:

Charles Atlas was born in 1958 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. He has been active as a filmmaker and video artist since 1971. Over the years he has made more than 60 films and videos – award-winning documentaries, pioneering media / dance works with American choreographer Merce Cunningham, video installations, video art works. He also created performances and worked as designer of sets, costumes, lights. His installations have been presented by the Whitney Museum of American Art, MoMA (both in New York, USA), Tate Modern (London, United Kingdom) and the Centre Pompidou (Paris, France). Some of his notable films include “Hail The New Puritanˮ (1986), “Merce Cunningham: A Lifetime of Danceˮ (2000), “The Legend of Leigh Boweryˮ (2002).
Antony Hagerty was born in 1971 in Chichester, United Kingdom. He came to USA in 1990 and studied experimental theater at New York University. In 1992 Antony founded the performance collective “Blacklipsˮ and began performing in New York clubs and performance spaces. He went on to form the band “Antony and the Johnsonsˮ who released their debut album in 1998 and four more successful albums in 2005–2012. Antony and Charles Atlas collaborated on performance “Turning”, which premiered in New York in 2004 and toured in Europe in 2006.


Section: Music Moves The World

Dir. of Photography: Gavin Elder

Music: Antony Hegarty